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Our History

Public lands and trails have always been an integral part of Buena Vista’s identity and, over time, there have been numerous individuals and organizations devoted to building, maintaining, and advocating for them. The Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition is building on that strong foundation by bringing together hikers, runners, equestrians, and mountain bikers to create a comprehensive system of sustainable local trails.

A number of years ago, with the popularity of mountain biking on the rise, a group of local cyclists began to see the need for trails that were conducive to biking as well as protecting the environment. To that end, in 2015 major re-routes of three badly eroded segments of the Midland Trail were begun, and a large-scale proposal for new trails was submitted to the Bureau of Land Management.


In 2016, when the BLM proposal was met by numerous community concerns, a small group of local trails enthusiasts gathered all the area trail groups together to work collaboratively. The loosely organized “BV Trails” umbrella was created with the intention of sharing trail maintenance skills and techniques and communicating with each other. 2016 saw the start of construction of the “Bacon Bits” trail which was built with 406 volunteer hours. That enthusiasm, plus the involvement of the Town of Buena Vista, led to two well-attended community trails meetings held to promote public input prior to modifying the initial BLM proposal. All stakeholders were encouraged to attend to share their ideas, desires, and concerns. The collected data was compiled, and a committee was created to compose and submit a new proposal that truly reflected the desires of the community.


In 2017 the Town of Buena Vista invested in trails by funding construction of the “Bridge-to Bridge” and “Camp Elevation” trails. That November, the first meeting of the new Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition (BVSC) was held. The community support and desire for trails created the need for a formal non-profit dedicated to area trails.

2018 — TODAY

In less than a year, BVSC has taken off; it has secured fiscal sponsorship for 501c3 status, is close to launching brand new mapping and signage, and established a robust “1% for Trails” program with five participating businesses. Three Town of Buena Vista Advisory Boards (Economic Vitality, Trails, and Recreation) have endorsed trails as a priority and diverse user-groups are working collaboratively. In spring of 2018, the BLM’S Draft Environmental Assessment (EA) was formally approved, with 7 of the 10 approved trails and 12 of the 18 miles for non-motorized use. Due to very successful fundraising, investment by the Town of Buena Vista, and a BLM funded 2-week Southwest Conservation Corp hitch, two new trails were constructed during the summer of 2018. The expert-level “Broken Boyfriend-South” and an extension of “Fistful of Dollars” to connect to “A Few Dollars More” are already in use. The Town of Buena Vista has submitted a State Non-Motorized Trails Grant, partnering with the Bureau of Land Management, Southwest Conservation Corps, Colorado Mountain Club, and the Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition, to build up to nine miles of new trails in 2019.

BVSC looks forward to being part of the vibrant outdoor recreation scene that Buena Vista is known for!

What Drives Us

Our Mission

The Buena Vista Singletrack Coalition is a non-profit trail advocacy organization committed to collaborating with agencies, businesses, and locals in order to build, maintain, and steward sustainable trails for muscle-powered users. We promote responsible recreational trail use in the greater Buena Vista, Colorado area.

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our team

Craig Piefer

Executive Director

I cut billions of blades of grass the summer of 1988 to accumulate enough money to buy my first Mountain Bike. It was a white and teal Giant. Back then I had no idea how much joy, peace, mindfulness and friendship singletrack would bring to my life.

We moved to Buena Vista from the Pacific Northwest in 2012 and fell in love with the trail system here. The singletrack here is so close, so beautiful and so accessible year round, it quickly became a keystone in our family’s mental and physical health.

Over these last years we have seen the trails become truly world class and I am so excited to be part of BVSC.


Board Member

I retired to Buena Vista after 50 years of wearing out trails in Boulder and Summit Counties. Here, I’ve discovered many more uncrowded miles of trails to hike, bike, ski and ride.  And, a dedicated group of people working hard to build, maintain and share them. Go play….everyday!


Chair, Board of Directors
I hike trails far and near with my husband and our dogs. I take the dogs on the Buena Vista Whipple trails on a daily basis. I treasure having trails in every direction from my back yard. I got involved with BVSC to expand, improve, and maintain the trails that are our shared resource. I hope to see you on a trail soon!

Tim Bliss

Board Member
I have lived in Buena Vista for 10 years and I am still as excited about it today as I was on that first day. I feel very fortunate to live in the Upper Arkansas Valley and to be able to take advantage of all that it has to offer. Giving back to the community and the environment is important to me and I am honored to serve on the board of BVSC to help guide the future trail growth and maintenance so that they may be enjoyed by all users in a sustainable fashion for many years to come.


Board Member

I have lived in BV for 7 years and have enjoyed every second of it! I continue to find new places and adventures in this valley as well as become more passionate about the ones I have done dozens of times. Every season brings new excitement for getting outdoors! 

Bill Wright


When I’m not bikepacking, I enjoy running, but mostly riding, the single track east of town. Can’t say I have a favorite trail because they are all a blast to ride!
I have been a volunteer with trail advocacy groups for the past 15 years. I think it is important to give back to the community and contribute my time to the trails I use.

Brad Bosard

Board Member

Favorite activity on BV trail system is trail running the Whipple, Broken Boyfriend north/south, Sleeping Indian, Camp Elevation, Bridge to Bridge loop!!!

Jill Maher


My husband and I moved to Buena Vista, pup in tow, because we love to be outside, whether on a trail, relaxing by the river, or hanging on a patio with the mountains in view.  

While trail running really gets my heart pumping, my favorite route to hike in the area is Midland Hill (Sleeping Indian).  I can’t wait to share the trails with our little summer baby girl!